Linda's Organic Approach to Her Photography

Hello everyone my name is Dorey and I am Linda's personal assistant. Recently I was asked about Linda's approach and method of photography in general. It got me thinking as to why her photography is different from others and why I think it stands out. I have watched Linda at work and observed her in many photographic situations. At  first, she approaches a photography shoot the same way any professional photographer thinks about a shoot, the location, the lighting, the people involved with the shoot, her equipment needed etc... But where the magic happens is while on set or at the location. Linda has the incredible gift of taking situations and natural moments and circumstances and turn them into incredible creative photography. Her quick thinking and creative mind are always at work. Her ability to be spontaneous with moments and imagery is very unique. It could be something as simple as a client showing up in a beautiful flowing dress and Linda asking that person to start twirling in that dress at the right moment in that shoot to create an incredible shot. Her photography is totally organic to that particular shoot and the people involved. She also has a beautiful gift of making people relax and feel comfortable and by doing this she can get people to open up and let their true spirit shine.

Here are some of my personal favorites of her work. Enjoy!