I'm Shooting Politicians!

With my camera of course ;) I love shooting new things and this was definitely a new one for me! Photographing Justin Fareed's ad campaign was a treat to witness, capture & be a part of in Solvang, CA. They brought the real deal from Hollywood to film it with directors, camera, sound and hair & make-up artists! I had to sign a contract that wouldn't allow me to talk about or release any photos... until NOW! Once the ad ran on TV, I was allowed to post all the photos I want :) So here are a few behind the scene shots I am sharing :) I will say this... I am not politically inclined, but I really do like Justin Fareed as a human being :) Good luck Justin!

QUIET ON THE SET! Was actually said :) And many takes on the voice-over had to be made because of the horses whinny-ing in the background! It was actually very entertaining ;)