Springtime Flowers #VantagePoint

As spring time comes upon us, I was reflecting about what a fabulous adventure I had last year traveling around the country photographing flowers with my friends from the California Cut Flower Commission. Here a a few close up flower shots I took along the way.With these photographs I had my professional gear, a Canon 5D Mark III... But I can't tell you how many times I have been hiking, shooting a marriage proposal or out on an adventure with friends without my gear and wished for a small, high quality camera that could easily be brought along, when bringing all your gear just isn't practical. Recently I read about a new compact camera that's so small I can carry it anywhere with me, in my pocket (like a cell phone) and has DSLR quality. There is such a camera out there called the Light L16 Camera, developed by Light.co, and its is is powerful enough for low light and has high-megapixel quality. I had to check it out and learn more about it. I am also thrilled to be part of their #VantagePoint Project.

I am so looking forward to shooting the next Field to Vase Dinner on March 30th in Carpenteria, California. Tickets are still available check out there Facebook page!!!! Whats not to love- Food and Flowers! Perfect event to bring your Light L16 Camera!!!!!