The Photographer

My name is Linda Blue and my purpose in life is to make people smile - both professionally and personally.  I'm attracted to joy and abandon and being a professional photographer gives me daily access to exactly that!  

My love affair with photography began more than two decades ago.  I graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography long before digital photography and phone apps entered the world.  Shooting with film gave me an appreciation of texture and also taught me how to use color, light and contrast to compose beautiful images. 

Capturing a memory is so much more than the click of a button.  My style and approach are genuine and authentic mixed with a healthy dash of fun!  I delight in getting people to show their true selves to the camera.  Clients often become lifelong friends and I'm so grateful that they share their lives with me.  I consider it an honor to give them the freedom to live fully in the moments that define their lives.  Later, my pictures allow them to relive and share the feelings of excitement, nostalgia and love they experienced on those special days.  Enthusiasm for my subjects and the work I do is at the heart of every exposure I provide.

I'm based in Santa Barbara but my work has taken me all over the world.  There is nowhere I won't go to take pictures - from local backyards to the big island of Hawaii, my sense of adventure has no boundaries!  Some of my favorite clients include the California Cut Flower Commission, Touring & Tasting Wine Magazine, Los Arroyos Restaurant and the City of Goleta (just to name a few).  I enjoy the challenge and excitement of different types of photo shoots - from weddings, families, furry friends, professional events, flowers, food - they all tell timeless stories.  My goal is to capture them all.  

I can't wait to work with you!